So as you can tell by the obvious title of my post….WE MADE IT INTO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!! We won our game on Saturday, handily, and the team that was neck and neck with us lost, so therefore, we clinched the 8th place spot ! 🙂 I’m going to be honest and say that a few weeks ago I didn’t think we were going to make it in. I knew we still had a chance, and that it wasn’t far out of reach, but just wasn’t quite expecting it. However, I couldn’t be happier for this team!! We definitely deserve to be in the playoffs. We will make the long trek to play the #1 team Catz on Thursday and then they will come here and play us on Saturday. It is a best out of 3 games set-up, so if we happen to pull an upset and get 1 win, we would play them again back at their place on Monday. Hey, it’s March, and madness is in the air, so anything could happen at this point! I’m just excited to get to keep playing and practicing with this team for another week. These girls have become almost like sisters, so prolonging the “goodbyes” a little longer is fine by me.

Now, last night, we of course we had to do a little celebrating, so most of the team hung out at my teammate Nelli’s apartment…had some fun there, and then went to a club because we obviously had to get our celebratory dancing on. At least I did…..and because I am Miss Marcia’s daughter, I have the dancing gene in me, and when someone is showing off on the dance floor, it is hard for me not to join in…so that’s what I did with this guy who had some pretty good moves ;)…and we actually were somewhat in sync 🙂 Here are some of the moves caught on camera. Now, the bestttt stuff didn’t get recorded, so sorry to disappoint 😉 haha…

All in all, I couldn’t be more excited for my team and to give a good hard Riento fight on Thursday! With that said, the “finnish” line is however in sight, and it’s crazy to think I will be back in the states in just a little over a week! Like I’ve mentioned too many times probably, it is definitely bittersweet. However, I’m trying not to look at it like the end of something great, but the creation of something great, that is now a part of me and will be remembered forever….the playing, the people, the places, and now the possibilities to come!

Hope everyone is enjoying the insane madness, and hope your brackets look better than mine right now. Gotta love it though!!! 🙂 Well have a great last week of March everyone! Happy Palm Sunday! OH! Speaking of, here in Finland, they celebrate Palm Sunday a little different. Kids dress up as witches and pretty much “trick-or-treat.” ha kinda crazy, I know. Brittany and I actually had our doorbell rung once today, unfortunately we weren’t prepared and didn’t have any candy to give them, so we had to pretend we weren’t home. :-/ It is definitely an interesting ritual here though. Here is a little more on the reason behind it, if your interested…. .

Ok, nowwww that is all!  🙂

Love and miss you all….but HOME SO SOON!





2 thoughts on “PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!

  1. wow, leave it up to you ,callan, to have such a fun dramatic final days of your Finlandic basketball adventure ..
    It has been so cool following you this past season, THanks for sharing your time with us, Take care and good luck with the rest of the tourneyment and getting home safely, via colorado. Happy Easter to you. love aunt lisa

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