….that means WIN in Finnish…and that is exactly what we did last night in our last away game of the season, against the 3rd place team. We won pretty much at the last second by 2, it was such a great feeling, especially after losing at the buzzer in our game before that. So we are now back tied with the 8th place team (however don’t have the tiebreaker), with 1 game left. So in order to make the playoffs, we have to win our last game and the other team must lose their last 3 that they have left….so there is stilllllll a chance! We have this weekend off from games, so it’s going to be a sit back and see how the other team does kind of weekend, and hope that our chances still stand going into the last regular season game next Saturday.

Sad to say, but again, there isn’t really anything else exciting I have to share…and since I feel like my blog posts have been somewhat weak lately, I decided to attempt to hype this one up a bit with a short little video…or my “bike cam” as I am going to call it. I thought, why not share our daily journey through the snowy Finland woods with you all…just to give you another little taste of life here. Even though it was a bit cold today, it was one of the better rides. We have endured some very interesting terrain over the months….from gravel, dirt, snow, slush, to my personal favorite (sike)….pure ice. haha. Both Brittany and I are guilty to have taken some spills….they are always ultimately brushed off with a laugh though. Our bikes sure have been through a lot….and well, let’s just say, don’t quite look or work exactly like they did from the start, but hey, that’s what Finland weather will do!

Anyways, enough with my lengthy preview, I’ll just let you watch…and hopefully enjoy some clips from our path to practice 🙂


Hope you aren’t too nauseous after watching it haha my apologies if so. Well hope everyone has had a great week, and loving the greatness of tournament time 🙂 I’ll keep you updated on our playoff position status when we know more, but it’s crazy to think I could only have 1 more game left with this team. Not going to think about that right now though, just going to enjoy this home stretch with the amazing friends I have made here… and soak every last bit of it up 🙂

And as always, love and miss you all!



2 thoughts on “Voitto!!!

  1. Alright,all you dads out there, you might as well admit it I have the most adventurous, coolest and fun daughter – CT, you made a bike ride on pure ice through the snowy woods of Finland look like a blast. As much aswe are looking forward to your return, I will miss your creative blog and, more importantly, your friends who almost seem like personal friends of our entire family because of how welcoming they have been to you. Fight hard in that last game as you try to get into the playoffs, and rest assured I will be available to perfect your shooting touch this summer (I know you can’t wait – lol).


    P.S. Reminded me a bit of our bicycle mud collision on the bike path in good ol’ OP.

  2. So fun to see where you go each day and how you get there. What beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing it with us. Be safe 🙂 So proud of you Callan!
    Love, Mom

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