Boxed Out

This past weekend didn’t go as well as we would have liked on the basketball court. We played the team that was 1 game below us in the rankings, and lost at their place by 13. The loss now brings us in 9th because they have the tie breaker over us. So long story short, we must fight even harder every game from here on out in order to regain that playoff position.

After the game, 4 of my teammates and I spent the night in Salo, Finland (where my teammate Sofia lives) again, since it was on the way home from our game. Her dad cooked us an absolutely delicious dinner, completed for me, with some great red wine; which he and I actually made a little competition out of….and well, let’s just say he owned me. haha I couldn’t keep up with his veteran wine drinking skills at all. We then went out on the town and had another fun night together. There is never any doubt that we will have fun. If only our on the court performances were as great as the times we have together off the court, I’m pretty sure we would be unstoppable.

The next morning, we took the bus (somewhat earlier than we would have liked) back to Turku and headed straight to this detergent / soap factory to do some fundraising work for one of our sponsors. Ok, so I’ve told this story to a few people already, and every time I do, I not only confuse the crap out of them, but it also just re-confirms how frustrating this “job” we had to do was to me. We had to take these boxes, out of these bigger boxes….unfold them (kinda loosening them up) and then fold them back and put them back in the boxes. hahaha yep, that was what we did for 3 hours straight. Luckily our manager Vio brought some snacks and soda to help aid our not only somewhat  “dehydrated” selves 😉 but also in the monotony of this somewhat confusing, slightly idiotic, task. But like usual, we make the best out of every situation and have fun with it, and it wasn’t so bad….felt good to help out as well. A bittttt more sleep would have been nice before though.



Honestly, I think we all could have a lot of success as laundry detergent box models, just sayin. Maybe that will be my next endeavor. 😉 I mean it doesn’t hurt to have a fall-back.


  (haha Sofia’s face is priceless in this picture, and perfectly depicts how we felt! ) lol

I was going to add some quotes from my teammates about our day in this factory, but after reading them, I don’t think they are quite blog appropriate, so I will just let the pictures speak for themselves!

On a side note, yesterday Britt, Taru and I went to a local middle school and talked to some 8th graders about what life is like in the US and Canada. We put some pictures together and even though we have no idea if they even understood a third of what we were saying, they seemed to like it! However, very much caught off guard, I got done with my “presentation” and one boy raised his hand and asked (in summary) “do you think that the US will survive it’s current debt situation/stay at the top”….hahaha talk about being put on the spot! I honestly don’t even remember what I responded with. Something to the effect of, “yes, I have faith in my nation and we will figure out a way to stay a strong nation.” lol….I know, I need to work on my political / economical debate skills next. :S

Ok enough blabbing, hope everyone has a great week! I know KC got hit hard with some snow, so everyone there stay safe and enjoy your snow days if you got one! Also, enjoy the last week of February!! 🙂

Love and miss you all, LOTS,



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