Things Are Heating Up In Finland…


The first piece of “hot” news to share is that we won our away game yesterday…a tough battle to the very end, 73-65. It was a great team effort and fight, especially after the grueling 5 hour or so bus ride. Long bus rides always feel a lot better after a win, and this was definitely the case yesterday. We looked like an entirely different team than we have in most of our games, the team I know we can be. We had great ball movement, fierce and great lock down defense for the majority of the game, and just really good performances all around. Our coach was even told by a reporter that our team spirit was not only very eminent, but much greater than the opposing team….a spirit that fueled the fire we had as we fought to the end to get the win. Our next game isn’t until Saturday so we have a week to get prepared and focus for the (somewhat big) challenge ahead of us, as we play the #1 sitting team at home. I believe we will all bring that same great spirit and once again, fight til the end.

The second thing that is heating up here, is well, Finland itself. Today at least, the temperature has definitely risen, it is only about 34 degrees as I type this post…and supposed to stay in the 30’s all week…so this is definitely some great news in my book. Even though there is word that February is supposed to be VERY cold, it is still great to hear I can at least enjoy one last week of not freezing temperatures.

The third and final (and of course I saved the best sizzling scoop for last) piece of “hot” news has to do with my roommate Brittany and I’s bus ride into the city today. We boarded the city bus to head to a gym downtown, as we normally do, (sitting in the section that is actually supposed to only be for elderly we believe)…around 3:00pm. A few stops after we got on an older man came staggering onto the bus and we immediately locked eyes. I could tell he either had a disability making him walk funny, orrrr that he was downright drunk. He then turns to Brittany (as we are sitting across from each other, I sat near the aisle, whereas Brittany made the poor decision to sit near the window, leaving the seat next to her empty and calling this old man’s name). So of course, the man sits down next to her with the biggest grin on his face and immediately starts talking to us in Finnish.    drunkbus1

Next is when my second guess of him being drunk was officially verified, by none other than him pulling out a bottle of vodka, and drinking from it like it was a bottle of water…


A funny side note: My family and I were playing a board game over the break where one person lists off a bunch of clues to describe a word at the bottom of the card. The clues start off very vague and get more specific as you go on. Long story short, it was my Dad’s turn to read and the second clue he gave, after “a European country” was, “people here drink vodka on cold winter nights”…. well it wasn’t necessarily night at 3:15pm, but it was cold…and it was Finland…which was indeed the word at the bottom of the card. It made me start to laugh even harder as I am instantly brought back to that moment over break.

Ok back to the story. This is when things really started to “heat up.”

Not only was this man very intoxicated, but he was also very into Britt. Hahaha he started kinda flirting, making kissy faces, and the best part of all…getting a little touchy feely….


…yep, that is him placing his hand on her knee. And actually eventually leaning over and placing his hand on mine. Now, they were both very brief, sweet, pats….nothing too alarming (mom and dad)…ha I’m pretty sure we were both laughing so hard at this time, Brittany feeling a bit more uncomfortable than me, but nonetheless, we both couldn’t help but laugh.

He finally reached his stop, which felt like it took an eternity, I politely said “Moikka” (goodbye) and he replied “Moi Moi” (also goodbye)..and that was it, that was the last of our no-named friend that will forever have an imprint in our hearts….and forever teach us not to sit in the elderly section.

Well I think I have written enough to last whoever is reading my blogs a good two weeks now, and in fact, if you are still reading this you are a champ….but I hope that gave you a little chuckle, as it did us. I also hope everyone has a great week ahead. 🙂


drunkbus6 (and no, no alcohol was consumed by us on this bus ride).

Love and miss you all! Can’t believe it’s almost February!



2 thoughts on “Things Are Heating Up In Finland…

  1. “THIS” bus ride? You guys will have many funny memories from your Finland experience. Please be safe! Stay together and be smart. Just a worried old mom. 🙂 I do believe though you guys would be 2 “tuff cookies” that no one would want to mess with. Nonetheless, be smart!

    Enjoy the “warm” weather! Talk to you soon, LOVE, mom

  2. I continue to believe it is such a blessing that your professional career has begun in Finland. In addition to how highly you speak of everyone you have met, I have been reading some history of Finland and certainly admire the strength and courtesy of the Finnish people. I have reminded mom that this elderly gentleman could have been many nice old guys in Sugar Creek back home (ha, ha). Congratulations to your team on beginning the last one-third of your season with a victory – play well and hard against first place Catz, win or lose, you want to continue the style of play you have shown in this latest game.


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