Successful Free Weekend :)

This past weekend we had a little break from games…this meant some great team bonding time and fun, and man, was it a success. Friday night started off the weekend at my teammate Taru’s house where we decided we were going to have a 2nd New Year’s celebration 🙂 We first hit up her new sauna and hot tub….oh, and it was only about -27 degrees C out, so about -17 degrees F. Yeah, it was freezing, way beyond literally! lol


We then went out and hit up the city and did a little dancing. There weren’t many people on the dance floor, so we went a little crazy and it was an absolute blast!



Saturday after practice I went to the great city of Salo Finland, where my teammate Sofia is from, with most of my teammates to watch a men’s league game.

                    salo   vilpas kausikortti92

Unfortunately the Salo team, who we were rooting for lost 😦 But it was a close and fun game to watch. They have one of the nicest arenas in Finland…that I’ve been in at least. Shoutout to Shawn Atupem, who played at Mount St. Mary’s (a team from my conference in college) but now plays for the Vilpas, for a good game. Now that you are playing in Finland too, I guess we can be allies and not nemeses. 😉

After the game we went back to my teammate’s house had some food and drinks and then headed out to THE, and I repeat, THE night club in Salo haha Rikala:


…..where we again danced the night away. Now, a sleepover isn’t truly a sleepover (and yes, I am using the term sleepover at 22 years of age) unless you stay up practically the whole night. So let’s just say the night didn’t quite end after the club closed, we continued having fun early into the morning….cooking random food and finally going to bed when the sun was about to rise. All in all, it was a great night and weekend in Salo….living the “big city life” for a few days 😉 And of course, a true Salo trip doesn’t end until you eat some delicious Kebab! So after we did that on Sunday, we finally headed back to Turku to get ready for the week ahead.

Speaking of the week ahead, we have a big home game tomorrow night. All of our games are big from here on out, so we must give it everything we have in every minute of every game. Then we have a long road trip on Sunday where again we play a team we have beaten once, so this is again a big game if we want to move up in the standings. I am looking forward to getting back out there and kicking some butt. I can’t believe we are almost into February though…time sure is flying by! And before we know it the season will be close to over. With that said, I am also going to enjoy every moment I have left here in Finland….because like we said in Salo…..YOLO!!! (you only live once!)…..and that phrase is even more true when you are in a foreign country!

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well and hopefully enjoyed a nice relaxing MLK Jr. Day and continue to have a great rest of the week ahead. I also wish the best for all my baller followers with their upcoming games!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Don’t forget to smile 🙂

Much love,


         SAM_0107            SAM_0108 SAM_0109

(some pics I took from a walk I just went on. Finland sure is cold, but it sure is beautiful….especially at sunset).


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