Nearing The Halfway Mark

Can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since I left the US and arrived in Finland. It really has gone by pretty fast for the most part. Tomorrow morning I will leave Turku for our game that is about 4 hours away… (hopefully win!)….get back on the bus and drive back to Turku…arrive there at approximately 2 am….get off the bus….drive to Helsinki Airport, get there at about 4 am….then hop on a plane at about 7:30 am and finally begin my trek back to the great U S of A 🙂 A stop in London and then Chicago before finally arriving back in the lovely Kansas City will be the final extent of my journey home! Wow, that wore me out just typing it. It’s definitely going to be a crazy next couple of days but I already have so much adrenaline and excitement that I know it won’t even phase me. I probably will just spend the first two days home solely sleeping.

Today we unfortunately lost our game at home by 3 points. It was another tough loss at home…..we haven’t seemed to have acquired that advantage yet. It was a frustrating game to say the least; however, we have another one tomorrow and another opportunity to end the year with a win. I know it will make the break much more enjoyable going home with a W.

After our game today we had a little team Christmas party at one of my teammates’ parent’s house. We did a secret santa gift exchange and ate some awesome food and goodies 🙂 The best part however, was the “palju”…which I believe translates to tub in Finnish….but it was pretty much the same thing (but better) as a hot tub:

image_1355604232682002The Finnish tradition is to sit in the palju……then run into the snow, jump around, roll around, make snow angels, or whatever you feel…and then freezing your butt off, run and jump back into the hot tub. It was awesome! haha. Definitely a lot of fun and felt pretty good on the body after a game too. I’ve been trying to add a little video footage of this event, but am having some technical difficulties, so the picture will just have to do for now.

I couldn’t have asked for a better and or more fun way to spend my last night with my entire team in Finland for this year. I know I have said this a bazillion times, but I really am blessed and so fortunate to have such great teammates and friends here and just be able to experience the things I have thus far.

Until next time (most likely in the US!!! 🙂 )…..

Love you all and can’t wait to see all my loved ones so soon!


Oh and if you still have some free time, check out this website….pretty great stuff. (compliments of SG)


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