2 Weeks….14 Days…336 Hours….Ok, You Get The Point.

Well as you can see, I’m pretty excited about my countdown ’til I go home!! Only 2 measly more weeks until I am back home with family and friends! I can’t decide what I’m more excited for (besides family)….the food or the weather?!…..I thought it was cold here, until today, when it reached -20 degrees Celsius, so -4 degrees Fahrenheit….alright yeah so I hadn’t seen ‘nothin yet….(and I’m told this isn’t even the worst)….supposedly gets to -40. YIKES!

Let’s play a little game of “what’s wrong with these pictures?”…..

photo-2  photo-1

(from my weather iPod app a few minutes ago)

Answer: Callan in Turku Finland, and not Overland Park, KS…that’s what. haha

Luckily I’m going home soon so I can bring back some better winter attire. Today we walked not even a quarter mile outside from the bus, then actually had to take a little ferry to cross the river (that was almost frozen solid) that runs through the city and my toes were literallyyy frozen afterwards. I mean, it’s not like I wear 3 year old, worn to the ground, ripped, running shoes around or anything? ha. So some boots are definitely on my list of things to bring back. That along with better socks, long johns, Under Armour everything…ok you get the drift. I think it’s going to take me those few weeks home just to “thaw out” from this weather, just in time to enter back into it. Ha oh well. But now I know why pretty much everyone has a sauna in their home!

On basketball sides of things, this weekend wasn’t the best as far as games goes, we lost both. Had a rough 5 or so hour road trip on Saturday to play the #1 team in the league, and then lost a close one at home to a tough team as well. Definitely a frustrating weekend, but we have another week until we play again on Sunday and play a team that we have a very good chance of beating. Can’t believe just 3 more games and then I’m on a flight home! It really has gone by fast; my time here, but a nice vacation home is definitely needed and going to be just what the doctor ordered. 😉

So hope everyone has a great week! I don’t have to tell Kansas City people to stay warm…that’ll be a pretty easy feat; but for anyone else in cold weather, bundle up! I know I’m going to be looking like the kid in A Christmas Story these next two weeks….

      ferry                               randy_1310755186    

….haha which is actually a pretty normal look for people in this country, so I shouldn’t get too many weird glances.

Love and miss you all….So soon!



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