Double Trouble

So we had two games this weekend, and came away with two wins! Both games were great all around team efforts on both ends of the court, we honestly looked like a different team. And it sure does feel good to win, especially after our little losing streak we were on. So hopefully we can keep the ball rolling for our 2 games next weekend. They will be tougher opponents, but not impossible that’s for sure. After the game yesterday there was a bunch of kids that came and we celebrated two of the kids’ birthdays. We sang to them and played a huge game of knock-out…..hard for me to say, but I did get “knocked out” by a 15 year old boy….still a little bitter about it. haha proof is below:

…..I was just giving him a little confidence boost, that’s all 😉

But they were a great group of kids, and always bring a smile to our faces !

Other than that there isn’t really anything else too exciting to share. Had a nice Skype session with most of my extended family on Thanksgiving and thanks again to my awesome immediate family for the amazing care package they sent me!! It really made my Thanksgiving away from home a lot better 🙂 I seriously have the best family a girl could ask for.

Some of my Finnish teammates came over last Wednesday and wanted to bake a pumpkin pie with us. We had a little trouble finding the “pumpkin” part of the recipe…haha, not like it’s an important ingredient or anything, but we ended up going with what was translated in English as “butternut squash” ? we think? Well it ended up tasting pretty darn good, and they had never had pumpkin pie before, so they didn’t know the difference :)….so it ended up being a success in our eyes.

Well that’s all the updates I can think of for now. Our next games are Saturday and Sunday so hopefully we can get another good week of practice in and keep this streak goin!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend….only 3 weeks til I’m home!!!!

Much Love,



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