Countin’ My Blessings

Hello there fellow blog followers 🙂 I noticed its been about a week since my last post, I guess that just shows either how busy this past week has been or uneventful this past week has been…kind of a mixture of both if that’s even possible, but I figured I would just post a little somethin’ and say hi 🙂 We lost a close game last night, against a team we should have beaten…a common theme in our season thus far it seems, but it’s the truth. If it wasn’t for our second quarter slump we would have won, I’m certain. But after our game last night something special happened. A bunch of little girls from our “junior team” came down from the stands and we all gathered around on the court. They were given some “challenges/questions” before the game that they shared with us afterwards. Questions such as how to box out and which player did it well, what the stance you should be in is called when you get a pass (triple threat), and a few others. Of course they spoke in Finnish, but our manager translated for us and it was really cute what a few of them had to say. A lot of them were super shy, kind of reminded me of myself as a kid….with emphasis on the cute part ;)….Ok so this story is going somewhere I promise lol…last night made me realize a few things. First of all, even though it is upsetting losing games, and very frustrating afterwards, these girls brightened up our moods instantly. One thing it made me realize was how important it is to play your heart out, because you never know what little girl is watching in the stands and looking up to you, thinking, “gosh, I want to play like her someday!” It also showed me that I really am blessed to be in the situation I am in right now. God has truly given me so much to be where I am today: ability, opportunity, support, and much love for the game, that in the midst of losses and whatever other negatives arise, I need to not dwell on them, but instead count my blessings. Realize that I have little girls, and even some older ones, that look up to me; I am able to be a role model in their eyes. Realize that I have the ability to do what I love on a daily basis, when there are many people out there that would love to be in the spot I am in. Realize (as hard as it might be to) that there is more to life than basketball and winning games, even though, believe me, that is very important to me. Realize that life is also about the impact you can make on people, the hearts you can touch, and in my case, the little girls I can inspire. This probably is all sounding really cheesy, but last night just really made me stop and think about all of that, and how true it is. I just believe it is so important that when you feel like something is not going your way, or you are feeling negative about something, to just stop and take a minute… to count your blessings. 🙂

Love and miss you all !

– Cal


4 thoughts on “Countin’ My Blessings

  1. Your blog moved me beyond words. Truly the greatest message I have read in a long, long time.

    Miss you,
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  2. It is great to have you here in Turku and Riento and yes you could not be more right! You have lots of little girls around you who adores you! They are not only hopes that they plays like you someday, some of them even hopes/dreams that they might plays with You in a same team someday 🙂
    At least I have a girl like that at home 🙂 She has seen everyone of your homegames here in Turku and she talks about you everyday:) So you can be sure that she is not going to miss a game this season, unless she has to for some reason.
    I and my girl wish all the best for you and we hope that you enjoy to be here in finland for a long time!

    Mirja Pietilä

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