A New Addition…..

Today we welcome a new addition to the Taylor – Hedderson Household….Raphael….our fish. 🙂 Yep, today we ventured out to the fish store, “New Aquarium” in English….and purchased a cute little Red Coral Platy (thank you Google).

   (worker getting out our fish for us )

You are probably wondering why Raphael? Or maybe you didn’t even notice haha but, on the bus ride home, we spent the whole trip brainstorming a name for our new little guy. (We also decided it was going to be a boy because we thought we needed a “man of the house”….however, it could very well be a girl haha we have no idea, so we are just going to say it’s a boy…I mean, it’s a fish. So after throwing a few names back and forth, I suddenly was thinking of things that had to do with red and for some reason immediately thought of the red ninja turtle, Raphael. Brittany chuckled and thought it was pretty fitting, because when the lady was trying to get it out of the tank it kept swimming away and “fighting” her…sort of like the bad boy, aggressive and rebellious, red ninja turtle that Raphael is lol…a little ridiculous that we put that much thought into it I know, but anywayss….that is how he got his name.


Here is a little video of his arrival to his new “home” :)….  http://youtu.be/r99J70h5jrE

So that was our most recent adventure and the highlight of our week so far. I mean we would both rather have a puppy of course for a pet, but when that’s not really an option, a fish will do. I’m just hoping it stays alive for longer than a week, neither of us have had a pet fish before haha so we’ll see how this goes.
Well hope everyone had a fun Halloween full of lots of candy and costumes. We celebrated with a scary movie and some chocolate banana bread 🙂 Therefore, a successful Halloween in my book. Happy almost Friday!….big home game for us this Saturday, so be sending those positive thoughts this way! Love and miss you all.

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