My Weekend Adventures

This probably would have been a pretty flawless weekend; if we would have won our game on Saturday. Other than the unfortunate loss, this weekend was filled with lots of fun, team bonding, laughter, and exploring a little more of Turku.

Saturday we played ToPo (not sure what it stands for) but they are a team from Helsinki. It was our closest game of the season yet, and one in which we definitely should have won. We had some very promising minutes but again, not enough to get the win.  I never like to blame refs on outcomes of games, but yesterday’s played a pretty big role in our loss. Our coach actually got 2 technicals…it was kind of a funny moment during the first one because well 1 I don’t know what he is saying because its usually in Finnish, but 2 he is usually pretty chill that when all of a sudden a girl from the other team was shooting free throws, I asked one of my teammates what had happened and she replied, “coach got a technical foul.” Ha I had no idea / would have never guessed. But anyways, got a lot of games still ahead and we tried not to let the loss ruin the rest of our night.
After our game our team managers coordinated a team “sauna” night at the local NMKY (YMCA). We had this penthouse room to ourselves. Had some food, relaxed in the sauna, some people enjoyed a few drinks, and then got ready to hit the town! I was pretty excited because I hadn’t been out since I arrived / really seen much of the city at night. It was also a lot of fun to bond with my teammates and just try and forget about the loss and enjoy one another. So after we left the YMCA suite, we headed over to my teammate Sofia’s apartment for some more games and drinks

before we went out to the nightclub….Apollo.


This was probably the nicest club I have ever been in…that’s not saying a whole lot, since my list of clubs I have attended is somewhat slim, but still, it even beats a few in NYC. Our manager got us on the VIP list so we had our own table in  a secluded part of the club, which was pretty neat.

  (a few of the girls)

It was a lot of fun to dance (to American songs!) and enjoy the company of my awesome teammates, they are great girls, I really got lucky. We had a lot of fun dancing and singing, even got to enjoy a really good cover band that played some great songs towards the end of the night. It was a much needed night out. Didn’t however get to two step or polka with my man…that would have made the night perfect. ;)…. After that we headed home, actually pretty early cuz we are old (yep 22 is old for my team). And it wouldn’t be a night in Finland without some rain, so of course, it was down pouring during our walk to the car, but I might as well just get used to it.

Even though today was a bit gloomy and cold, I was finally able to get to go to mass because we didn’t have a game. I took the bus to the Turku Cathedral for the International Mass….


I know my mom is smiling very big right now ;D. The mass wasn’t in the main Cathedral but a smaller chapel on the side. I am so glad though that I finally got to attend. One thing I really love about going to Mass is that no matter where you are in the world, it is a place where you feel at home and welcomed, and a place where you can for once not feel like a foreigner. For me, I love just the feeling of familiarity I get, when 98% of the time here, nothing is familiar. Unfortunately we play during the day on a lot of Sundays, but I am excited to have now discovered it and will go whenever I get the chance.

Here are some pictures of the inside:


Sorry they are pretty dark, but it was kind of after hours and late in the day.

  And I lit a candle for you mom! (and Vio!) haha…it was actually for all my family and friends 🙂 Pretty cool moment.

After mass and taking my own little tour of the Cathedral I headed home and my roomie and manager Vio made some yummy fajitas; I’ve been craving some Mexican food for a while now, so they tasted really good. Personally, the cut up peppers and onions that I contributed were my favorite part 😉 So now we have just been enjoying this lazy Sunday, watching some TV and NFL on the computer. Might Skype with my family here in a little. Hope everyone had good weekends. Less than 2 weeks til Halloween, then about 3 til Thanksgiving, then just about another 3 til I come home for Christmas!…Yes, I sort of live by miniature and frequent countdowns, it does the trick! Well I think this is one of my longer blogs and my computer is about to die, so that is a sign in itself that this post needs to end soon. Love and miss you all!



One thought on “My Weekend Adventures

  1. yes I am smilimg! So glad you were able to go to Mass Loved that part for sure. Also glad you had a fun time dancing with teammates. Love, MOM

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