Movin up in the world!


Yep that is a good old fashioned bicycle 🙂 Friday Brittany and I got some snazzy new Finnish bikes, donated by a local bike shop. Since it is a huge form of transportation here, it’s a big deal to us! We have so much more freedom now 🙂 We also got unlimited bus passes the other day, so we are truly unstoppable now! Watch out Turku, we are comin for ya! Definitely excited to get to explore this neat city more. There is so much to see, and so much we haven’t.

Another disappointing basketball weekend, went 0-2, but played some of the top teams in the league, today’s loss went to the reigning champs. But it is a very long season, 29 or so games left? ha so it’s a marathon…not a sprint for sure, just gotta keep that in mind. Hopefully we can work on some areas that are lacking and turn things around. It was also our last weekend of back to back games, so it will be nice to get a little more of a break in between games.

Well looking forward to a fresh and adventurous week 🙂 Hope everyone had a great weekend!…I’m currently beating my brother in fantasy football (yes, I know Matt, it’s not over til it’s over) but it’s definitely making my Sunday so far 🙂 (better not jinx myself here) haha anyways, talk to you all again soon!
Much love,



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