And So It begins!

This weekend was the start to our first league games, we played Saturday and Sunday and unfortunately lost both matches, however it is only just the first weekend and there are still many games yet to play. The attitude is positive within the team and we know we still have lots of room for improvement. The home games here are the best. We have such a good little crowd, fans wearing t-shirts…


and holding signs, it really is a great atmosphere. I also signed my first professional “autographs” Saturday after our game, for these 3 little boys, it was a pretty cute moment. They were so smiley and shy…probably because they had no idea what I was saying when I tried to talk to them lol….I forget i’m in a foreign country sometimes.We also got these nice towels at our first game, nothing too special but still pretty cool to have…


But anyways, not only did 2 losses make it a somewhat rough weekend, but back to back games playing almost 40 minutes each game was pretty rough too, my body wasn’t too happy with that haha I think it forgot what that feels like. But today we had it easy and went to a little rejuvenation class at this gym nearby and did a lot of stretching, so my body should appreciate that tomorrow 🙂 And it will eventually get used to it…it doesn’t really have a choice. Also here is a website that has our schedule, roster, stats, etc. if anyone is interested…. .

Oh! I officially have a fully English speaking roommate now 🙂 Her name is Brittany and she is from Canada. It is going to be, and has been, really nice having someone around. Especially someone you can fully talk to and understands you a little better. Plus she brought a PlayStation 3 and tons of movies, so I’m not complaining! Alright well that’s all I can think of at the moment. Hope everyone had a great Columbus Day (thanks for the reminder Stefan 😉 ) hehe

Until next time….much love,



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