Terrible Turned Terrific Tuesday

Ok so terrible might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but let’s just say my morning / day didn’t start off too great. So this morning I had my first Turku transportation experience via the public bus (which are actually very nice, yet crazyyy expensive), with a little help from my great teammate Taru.

I got to the stop near my apartment, which I actually walked further than I needed to, but not by much, waited for a few minutes and hopped on.

This is actually what I stared at for a good 5 minutes before, trying to figure out the system…in Finnish. Luckily it was mostly numbers and I think I actually understood most of it. So from there I took the bus to the City Center, which is like the main “square” / “downtown” part of the city. When I arrived, on time, I got off the bus and right when I got off I realized I had nooo idea what bus number Taru told me to take next. I rememberd “37,” but that was just that the next bus left at 9:37….I went blank and for the life of me couldn’t remember. Soooo I decided to walk around the square thinking that somehow staring at all the yellow buses, and reading all the Finnish signs, that it would magically come back to me…well it didn’t. So I allllmost gave up, since I have no phone and can’t say the name of the gym I was trying to find to ask someone, but I was determined! I started walking down a street that “felt right” haha silly I know, but for some reason it just did. Then, there it was! My clue! I knew I was headed in the right direction… I saw this restaurant that my teammate had pointed out to me once on the way to the gym and from then on my long term memory kicked in and using landmarks I actually found my way to the gym! Arriving at 10:00 on the dot. Hail Mary’s really do work. 🙂 lol So after actually running for the last 5 minutes, I arrived and all was well. I think I even impressed my teammates; I sure impressed myself.

Later on in the day I did some Skyping with my fam, which was great 🙂 Always love seeing their faces and getting to talk with them, always makes me miss them more yet comforts me at the same time…odd I know. So after that and nothing else too exciting, it was time for practice. So I left with what I thought was plenty of time to walk there, but it actually ended up taking longer…so again, I had to run about the last 5 minutes…oh, in the rain. But hey, at least I was really warmed up for practice! I ended up getting there with a few minutes to spare, but forgot my jerseys I was supposed to bring to get my name put on the back…aii yi yi. (luckily another girl did too and tomorrow ended up being ok). Whew.

But here is where my somewhat crappy of a day is completely forgotten and turned terrific:)…After practice 3 of my teammates came over for some food and sauna =) Here is a little video to show you a little bit of what we made….

And here is the finished product :)….

…..and they were devoured. Might not look the tastiest, but they were sooo good.

After we ate our yummy creations we hit up the sauna. Let’s just say it was a great night filled with lots of laughter and fun. I have some of the best teammates and friends here. Very blessed. I still have a smile on my face and giggle when I think of some of the moments in the night. It was justttttt what I needed.

So keep smiling people =)


One thought on “Terrible Turned Terrific Tuesday

  1. so good to see your teammates and a look inside your apartment. Looked like you were having fun! Keep blogging!

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