What a weekend!

Got back from Sweden this morning around 8am. We went 1-1 on the weekend, so not bad for our first games together. We had some ups and downs, but that is to be expected for the first few games. European basketball / style of play is a little different, so that’s going to take some getting used to, but I love my team and coaches and playing! I think it is going to be a fun and good and competitive season. I can’t wait to just give it everything I have.

Ok so when I mentioned ship or boat, well I probably should have said cruise line. This ship was enormous! My first “cruise” to date….another check off the bucket list. Yeah, a little bigger than a “boat”. haha

Luckily I didn’t get sea sick 🙂 The cabins were very small though and it wasn’t the best to sleep in, so didn’t get much of that, but it was a very cool experience for sure. Stockholm was a beautiful city, full of old buildings and some huge new ones being built as well. Wish we could have ventured it more, cause it definitely seemed like a neat place to visit. One the way back from our games we were able to feast at the “Viking Buffet” and eat til we felt sick, but we had to get our Euros worth! (Yes dad, I still have some Euros left). But then after we let our food digest we were able to walk around the ship a little and even got our “dance” on, to American music might I add, it was great! Felt like I was at home :)…that is another great thing about Finland, they have some great radio stations with American music, so when I ride with my teammates places and such I can enjoy some “home”. Speaking of teammates, they are all so nice and fun! They all speak good English, very good in my book…some don’t think they speak as well. I’m trying to learn Finnish, but of course I would choose to live in the country that has the 2nd hardest language to learn….therefore it has taken me two days to learn how to count to 10. haha but I’ll learn some…I’m determined.

Had my first Finnish Sauna experience today as well in the home I am staying at, it felt soooooo good after a long weekend of traveling and playing. I could definitely get used to them, and think I will 🙂 Alright well my eyes are starting to get heavy and I think I’m starting to bore myself….so i’m sure whoever is ready this is too, but hope everyone had a great weekend!…..oh no! totally forgot about fantasy football!….gotta go check the scoreboard!





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