First Stop: Chi Town

First off, bear with me, because I am a veryyy amateur blogger!

This morning I arrived at MCI airport with my parents and incredible boyfriend at the crack of dawn, 4:15 am to be exact. They helped me check in and waited around until it was time to go through security, fighting back frequent yawns and running on only a few hours of sleep; they were troopers. The last hugs were given and “I love yous” were said as I headed towards the line; so many emotions surging through my body, the main one being just freaking tired….the resulting feeling, numb.

Now for the most anti-climatic part of my first day of travel; the dreaded 8 hour layover. Not even an hour and a half later, after saying good-bye and privately shedding a few tears, I landed in the great city of Chicago (some sarcasm inserted there for a certain someone 😉 ). Now I had to sit around and kill almost half a day in this glorious airport. I started by taking a little nap on the floor with my backpack under my legs, my purse tight in my arms like a little kid not letting go of their teddy bear, my alarm set, and I passed out HARD (Mike Mac shoutout). Didn’t really need to set my alarm because an hour later, I found myself shivering and the hard floor wasn’t really doing it for me. So I decided to get up and see what the Chicago airport had to offer. 80 Starbucks and McDonald’s later I had a coffee in one hand, obviously, and a snack in the other…..Paid for some internet, because Chicago, well, I won’t go there…..and started to kill some more time. Had a great chat on the phone with my amazing friend Michelle, boyfriend Stefan, and then my sister Skyler. Probably should call my parents here in a little bit. lol.

Which now brings me to the present, I decided to start a blog, mainly just to get rid of nervous energy and thoughts, but also maybe someone will be morbidly bored and read my random and probably too detailed thoughts. The butterflies are starting to stir as I have only a half hour before I leave the states and board my flight to Helsinki, Finland. Where I will yes, have to endure another layover….this time luckily only 5 hours, before I fly to Turku. So depending on what kind of internet they have in Finland, maybe I will write a little something something there. But for now, goodbye U.S.A., you will be greatly missed, along with all my family, boyfriend, and friends, and hello Turku, Finland. Where another chapter of my crazy and adventurous life will begin. Photos and video uploads to come (thank you to Stefan). And in case I don’t get another chance to blog in the next day or so, I will be arriving in Turku, Finland at approximately 2 or 3pm Finland time, and then actually leaving for Sweden (shoutout to my girl Michi!!) to play my first 2 European games. Talk about being thrown into the fire! lol But ok, time to hit the bathroom and maybe grab a snack before I board the longest flight of my life yet. Love you all and more to come soon, as I take one more step towards my new “Finnish Line.” 😉



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